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What is Cannabinoid Therapy?

CannaStrips are the result of lengthy research and development. CannaStrips are a safer and healthier alternative to smoking and has had an amazing reception throughout the medicinal cannabis community. We use only the finest medical cannabis leading to a smooth and consistent effect.

Cannastrips are developed by pharmaceutical professionals complying with the most stringent regulations and use the highest grade of medical cannabis and pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Years of cannabis research combined with the world’s most advanced dissolvable film-strip technology results in a healthy form of medical cannabis. Never before has dosing and certainty been so accessible for medical cannabis patients.

CannaStrips contain a concentrated and controlled amount of pure medical cannabis. Each strip contains a consistent dose of active cannabinoids that deliver comfort, pain relief, sleeplessness reprieve, nausea aid amongst many other conditions. CannaStrips utilize the body’s oral mucosa for delivery of pure medical cannabis, which means that the medical cannabis enters the body more efficiently and does not succumb to the degradation that occurs in the stomach due to stomach acids.